MACH 4® Mental Training System for Athletes

The mental part of sports is considered by most athletes to be at least 80-90%. Yet very few athletes take the time to train their mind at the same time they work on their physical skills. If this mind/body training does not happen, how can the physical and the mental come together during competition? Most athletes only focus on technique and physical conditioning. Why not focus on becoming mentally stronger in order to perform when it counts? Mental training is the quickest way to improve performance. When athletes take responsibility for emotional and mental training, then they will have the complete package. Using the MACH 4 System, athletes will learn how to maximize their performance in sports by relating to specific intensity levels and by managing their emotions. Winning can never be guaranteed, but we guarantee that if athletes practice using MACH 4 every day in and away from their athletic arena, they will enjoy life and competition more. They will be more successful in relationships and all endeavors that are important to them. Their life and performance will become easier and more fun.

Most sport psychology consultants have minimal or no experience playing at the highest level of their sport, or being #1 in the world in their sport. Dr. Anne Smith, a trained psychologist, #1 in the world in doubles in 1980 and 1981, and the winner of 10 Grand Slam doubles and mixed doubles titles, knows what it takes to help athletes reach their goals and perform at the highest level. MACH 4 is unique because it teaches how to create a powerful partnership between the mind and the body by highlighting the mind/body connection, focusing on training the mind and the body at the same time, and integrating mental training into practice sessions. MACH 4 is customized for each player as an individual. It is NOT a “cookie cutter” system. MACH 4 is individualized according to a player’s performance style, technique and personality. If athletes are looking for something to give them that added advantage, then MACH 4 is the answer.

MACH 4 teaches athletes how to:
• win more easily and effortlessly.
• consistently perform their best.
• produce instant results.
• identify emotions that help them win.
• play without fear.
• improve their concentration.
• stop wasting energy.
• raise their energy level.
• be more relaxed.
• believe in themselves.
• feel like nobody can beat them.
• play at their best intensity level.
• decrease their chances of injury.
• increase their self-esteem.
• maximize their potential.
• act like champions.
• be better people.
• improve physical recovery.


MACH 4 helps me to control my emotions and to concentrate on the court when I am playing. It has helped me to know when I need to raise my energy in matches and how to act like a champion. I have started to feel myself stronger on the court. MACH 4 has also helped me in my life. I am now nicer to the people who are around me.
Oksana Kalashnikova, Republic of Georgia, 2005 16 & Under ITF Orange Bowl Champion, 2006 Israel ITF Junior Tournament 18 & Under Singles and Doubles Champion, 2006 Alex Podolsky ITF Junior Tournament 18 & Under Singles and Doubles Champion, 2007 ITF Junior Ranking #41 in the World

When I started to do MACH 4, everything was getting better and better. It does not matter if I am winning or losing, I stay strong mentally and keep trying to be better. MACH 4 even helps me off the court. I never did it before and I like it very much. When I am doing my intensity at 3, 4 and 5, I am not wasting energy and I am winning my matches easier.
Giorgi Khmiadashvili, 2005 Republic of Georgia National 14 & under Champion

After we started doing MACH 4, I now feel stronger on the court. My ground strokes have become better even though my technique is the same. Now I can win matches more easily than before. Using MACH 4, I don’t waste my energy and I do not feel as tired after my matches as I did before. Now I’m more relaxed and not so nervous during my matches. I started to believe in myself. Everything got better with MACH 4, my technique and mental part of my game. I concentrate more in my matches which is why I pick up quicker where the best spots are to hit my shots. My serve got better as I’ve started to use cues before each serve. I just want to say that with MACH 4, I’ve started to think different and every part of me and my body got much stronger which is why the results of my play are so much better. Now I have such a feeling that nobody can beat me and I have more fun when I play.
Maria Kalashnikova, Republic of Georgia, 2006 Israel ITF Junior Tournament Doubles Champion, 2006 Alex Podolsky ITF Junior Tournament 18 & Under Singles Runner-Up and Doubles Champion, 2006 ITF Junior Ranking #402 in the World

I think the MACH 4 Mental Training System is a good way to improve the mind aspect of the game. It helps me to understand my temperament and to control my emotions better on the court. Since the difference between players at high levels is very small, the mental part is one of the most important parts to train. This will make the difference between the best players in the world and the others. MACH 4 also helps me to find the best level of intensity that I must use during the whole match. I now understand the reasons why I have had so many ups and downs during my matches.
Pierre Duclos, #4 in Canada, 2005 ATP Men’s Pro Tour Ranking #675 in the World

MACH 4 has helped me very much in my practices and match play. I can now control my emotions, my body language is better and I am much more focused on the court. Since learning MACH 4, when I play, I am not thinking about winning or losing. I talk more positive to myself and I am now not afraid to miss shots. Opponents will not see any weaknesses from my actions as I must always be like a champion. I do not get upset anymore. I play with the same intensity as I practice. With MACH 4, everything has gotten better, on and off the court. I am very happy with this.
Salome Chachkhunashvili, 2004 Republic of Georgia Junior 16 & under Champion

When I just started to learn and use MACH 4, I knew it would help me so much. I know emotional control is very important in tennis and in life. If you want to be the best player in the world, you need to be strong on the outside and inside. On the court and in life, you have to be ready for everything. When I practice now, I do not fight with myself when I miss. I go on to the next ball and try to fix the problem. I look for more ways to be a problem for my opponent, not me. MACH 4 has helped me be a stronger player. It has also helped me be a good person with others. When there is respect in communication, there are fewer misunderstandings with each other. MACH 4 helps me live easy.
Anastasiya Kharchenko, 2004 Ukraine 16 & under Champion, 2005 ITF Junior Ranking #345 in the World

MACH 4 helps me to control my emotions. After I started doing MACH 4, I can now understand my play and my opponent’s much easier. It teaches me I must have intensity 3, 4 and 5 during my whole match so when I am up in the score, my intensity will not go down which has caused me to start losing. Low intensity made it hard for me to win the match. When I think my opponent isn’t as strong and my intensity would go down, MACH 4 taught me how to focus and get my intensity back. Since we do MACH 4 in our practices, it has helped me to focus in my practice time, too.
Magda Okruashvili, 2005 Republic of Georgia Cup 16 & under Champion

MACH 4 has taught me many things, how to help myself and how to become mentally and physically strong. Before I started doing MACH 4, I judged myself negatively. Now, I use cues and talk positively to myself. It has made me more aware of my game and how to improve my play. Right now, I am recovering from an injury and MACH 4 has really helped me with that. When I am sad or start feeling sad about not being able to play, I use cues such as what I will do after my cast is off or what I will do when I start playing tennis again. I can say that with MACH 4, I got better mentally and physically so this means I have become a better athlete.
Tatia Mikadze, Republic of Georgia, 2005 WTA Women’s Pro Tour Ranking #559 in the World