Grand Slam

Grand Slam: Coach Your Mind to Win
in Sports, Business, and Life


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GRAND SLAM: Coach Your Mind to Win in Sports, Business, and Life is a prescription for winning. Through anecdotes from her storied career in professional tennis and her own personal transformation, winner of 10 Grand Slam doubles and mixed doubles titles Dr. Anne Smith, talks about effective strategies for helping athletes, employers, parents and others develop a winning attitude, reach their maximum potential, and put themselves in the best position to win. Winning is more than the score at the end of the game. The themes that Dr. Smith examines – empowering others to be great, being a good role model, being a good teammate, creating a winning environment, having fun, taking risks – pertain not just to sports, but to managing employees and nurturing relationships, as well. Victory is never guaranteed, says Dr. Smith, but the emotional choices we make in competition and life will guarantee that you win – no matter what the outcome. This book is her guide to help you, too, become a “Grand Slam” winner in all that is important to you

‘In her new book, GRAND SLAM: Coach Your Mind to Win in Sports, Business, and Life, Anne provides us with a personal, insider’s perspective on competing. Rest assured, Anne is a competitor – and we all know you don’t get to be number one in the world in anything if you aren’t. She provides us with several key insights in this new book. But, most importantly, Anne reminds us that in order to achieve greatness you must focus on the things you are doing well and make them even better. This approach gives you the skills and the attitude that ultimately allow you to rise above the competition.’
From the foreword by Billie Jean King