High School and Mid-School Coaches’ Clinic

Hosted by NNMTA

Dr. Anne Smith, a psychologist and Grand Slam women’s and mixed doubles title holder came to Albuquerque on August 18th to conduct the 4th annual high school and middle school coaches’ clinic. The clinic, held in conjunction with the New Mexico High School Coaches’ Association, hosted 30+ coaches to hear about Dr. Smith’s approach to coaching mental toughness and intensity. The coaches had the opportunity to hear about Anne’s Mach 4 Coaching Mental Toughness approach, which teaches coaches to:


• define, learn and teach mental toughness skills.
• teach their players how to perform better under pressure.
• integrate mental training into practice sessions.
• increase their players’ self-esteem and confidence.
• manage team relationships.
• manage individual personalities.
• improve team chemistry.
• identify emotions that help their players win.
• teach their players a winning mindset.
• identify thoughts and behaviors that hold their players back.
• teach rituals that help their players win.

Additionally, Juan Gomez, Community Coordinator for Southern New Mexico and the GEPTA area, attended and conducted on-court drills. Following the coaches’ clinic, the 2007 Mid-School Coaches meeting was held to distribute information about the program and to announce the 2007 Governor’s Cup Mid-School Tennis Championships.

Sally Marquez and Becky Mullins of the New Mexico Activities Association conducted a brief Question and Answer session on the rules governing high school coaches and their possible involvement with coaching middle school tennis and other programs. Since tennis (and golf) both have year round interscholastic seasons, high school tennis coaches are permitted to be involved with coaching young tennis players in their communities.